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Mad March Hare Theatre Company is:


...artist driven. A company that produces a variety of Australian and International works that challenge, inspire and entertain audiences.


...passionate about telling important stories that express valuable ideas and embrace confronting and challenging themes. We continue to search for strong and resonant plays relevant to today’s audiences that may or may not see the light in a main stage company. We endeavor to continue producing some of the best international and Australian contemporary plays.


...dedicated to working with professional production values and professional and committed artists.


...proud to be championing female driven past and future productions, continually working towards greater gender equality in theatre.


...committed to working towards the full waging of artists and engaging in financially sustainable practices while effectively running a not-for-profit artistic driven company.


...endeavouring to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their work practices and is committed to working towards environmental sustainability.






...Claudia Barrie is the Artistic Director of Mad March Hare. She is a 2004 graduate of the University of Western Sydney's Theatre Nepean, where she acquired a Bachelor of Performance. Over the years Claudia has worked as an actor across theatre, film and television. As a producer, Claudia has mounted several successful Australian and International plays under the names Bareskin Productions (2005-2007) and Mad March Hare Theatre Company (2011-present).  Click here for her complete directing portfolio.

The complete Mad March Hare Production Archive can be viewed here.

Award Nominations and Winners can be viewed here.

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