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May 7- May 30, 2015

PACT Theatre

By Philip Ridley

Directed by Claudia Barrie


A young couple are moving into their new home. A soldier is being held hostage. Two boys are searching for monsters. All these things are connected by both family and time…but what story can be told when family and time are broken? Covering over twelve years, SHIVERED unpicks the story of two families and then re-weaves it into something new and startling. Seven people, one war, a derelict car plant and mysterious lights in the sky…all come together in the Essex new-town of Draylingstowe, where the view from green hills once offered hope and prosperity for all.





"Ridley is at his imaginative best in what is arguably his most moving and accessible adult play to date."

What's On Stage


"Ridley tells this story with enormous flair and stunning control and as he does so, the audience hear the background howls of the weird and the wonderful." Arts Desk.


"Breathtakingly haunting"

Stage Won


"There have been a couple of wonderful independent shows this year...but Shivered and Mad March Hare have put together a show that can mix it with the best, in regard to design, vision and performance. Not to be missed."  Dinner and a Show


"Director Claudia Barrie’s production of this temporally shifting, multi-stranded drama is secure, clearly thought out and strikingly staged"  Jason Blake SMH


"With exquisite direction by Claudia Barrie , a laudable cast and Philip Ridley’s gripping play, this is a production that should be elevated to the forefront of Sydney’s theatre scene." Absolute Theatre


"One wishes that the principal companies in Sydney, occasionally, revealed such enterprise, and delivered a similar, a relative, quality of work, as this. The Independent sector of the Sydney Theatre scene has a finger on the living pulse of the world and its dramatic literature. Go" Kevin Jackson's Theatre Diary



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Production image courtesy of Marnya Rothe

"Exquisite direction... a laudable cast...Philip Ridley’s gripping play...a production that should be elevated to the forefront of Sydney’s theatre scene."

Absolute Theatre



Directed by: Claudia Barrie

Assistant Director: Garth Holcombe

Production Design: Benjamin Brockman

Costume Design: Rachel Scane

Dialect Coach: Emma Louise

Stage Management: Jaymii Knierum & Jo Jewitt

Operator: Johannes Swaton & Jaymii Knierum

Cast: Josh Anderson, Joseph Del Re, Rhonda Doyle, Libby Fleming, Andrew Johnston, Brendan Miles & Liam Nunan



Photos courtesy of Marnya Rothe



Photos courtesy of Daina Marie Photography

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