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2022          How To Defend Yourself,Outhouse Theatre/ Red Line (Old Fitz)

2020          Girl Friend New Ghosts Theatre Company (Belvoir 25A)

2019          The Cripple of Inishmaan, MMH/ Red Line (Old Fitz)

2019          Girl in the Machine, National Theatre of Parramatta (Lennox Theatre)

2018          You Got Older, MMH/Bakehouse (KXT)

2018          Eurydice, MMH/Red Line (Old Fitz)

2018          DNA, Last One Standing (KXT)

2017          Time Stands Still, Eclipse Productions (Tap Gallery)

2017          Dry Land, MMH/Outhouse (KXT)

2017          Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, MMH/Red Line (Old Fitz)

2016          Belleville, MMH/ Red Line (Old Fitz)

2015          Those Who Fall in Love Like Anchors Dropped Upon the Ocean Floor, Loud Mouth Theatre Company (The Goods Shed)

2015          The Diary of Anne Frank, New Theatre (Assistant Director to Sam Thomas)

2015          Shivered,  MMH (PACT)

2005          Friday Night Drinks, Bareskin Productions (Roxbury Hotel)



2020          Incognito, Rehearsed Reading (Flight Path Theatre Fundraiser)

2017          Martin Lysicrates Prize, Griffin Theatre (Lennox Theatre)

2015          Scrub, 24 Hour Party Play, Tamarama Rock Surfers (Bondi Pavillion)



2022.         Side Show, WAAPA (Musical Theatre Production)

2021.         The Iphigenia Quartet, ACA (Graduation Production)

2021          A Midsummer Night's Dream, ACA (2nd Year Actors)

2021          A Moment on the Lips, ACA (2nd Year Actors)

2021          The Beaux Stratagem, ACA (Graduation Production)

2020          A Lie of the Mind, WAAPA (3rd Year Actors)

2020          Twelfth Night Excelsia College (2nd Year Actors)

2020          The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Sydney Theatre School  (Adv Diploma)

2020          Lie of the Mind WAAPA (3rd Year Actors)

2019          The Rover, Actors Centre Australia {ACA}  (3rd Year Actors)

2019          Cloudstreet, NIDA Play Project (First Year Actors)

2015          Slut: The Play, ACTT (Associate Director with Maeliossa Stafford)




2019          The Cripple of Inishmaan MMH/ Red Line (Old Fitz)

2018          You Got Older Mad March Hare (KXT)

2018          Eurydice Mad March Hare/Red Line (Old Fitz)

2017          Dry Land Mad March Hare /Outhouse (KXT)

2017          Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Mad March Hare /Red Line (Old Fitz)

2016          Belleville Mad March Hare / Red Line (Old Fitz

2015          Dark Vanilla Jungle Mad March Hare (Old 505/ Sydney Fringe Festival) 

2015          Shivered  Mad March Hare (PACT)

2014          A Moment on the Lips Mad March Hare (Old Fitz)

2012          Still  Mad March Hare (Old 505)                                   

2011          Baby with the Bathwater Mad March Hare (New Theatre/Sydney Fringe Festival)

2006          Dole Diary Bareskin Productions (PACT)                         

2005          Friday Night Drinks Bareskin Productions (Roxbury Hotel)          





2022: WAAPA: Guest Director and Workshop Teaching Artist

2019- Present: Actors Centre Australia: Guest Director and Teaching Artist

2019 – NIDA: First Year Play Project

2019- NIDA Open Program: Producing for the Stage

2017-Present: Regular tutor for ATYP. Year 10- 12 Scene and Monologue, Holiday workshops (all ages)

2016-2019: Casual tutor for Brent Street School of Performing Arts (All ages)

2008- 2019: Casual Primary School Teacher (Department of Education) 





2006-2008 – POSTGRADUATE DEGREE – EDUCATION,  (Primary) -University of Western Sydney




SHORTLISTED: The Andrew Cameron Fellowship 2018 (Belvoir)




The Cripple of Inishmaan (2019)

“★★★★  The Sydney Morning Herald

“★★★★ The Music

“★★★★ Reviews by Judith

“★★★★ Stage Noise


You Got Older (2018)

“★★★★ An impressively high level of craft" -The Sydney Morning Herald

“★★★★ Pitch perfect performances" -The Audrey Journal

“★★★★ Beautifully observed...this excellent production feels disarmingly real"    -The Sunday Telegraph


Dry Land (2017)

“★★★★ An undeniably bold work. One that laces the commonly hidden part of women’s lives centre stage.” Daily Review

“★★★★ A very fine production with some of the best performances you’ll see all year…Seems to suck all the oxygen out of the room.” Jason Blake -Sydney Morning Herald

“★★★★★ A public reckoning with the experience of being a young woman. A play that you can feel collide with your body.”  Time Out

"Claudia Barrie's production of Dry Land is exactly the response we need in our contemporary climate.” Upstaged Reviews

“A work that is absolutely uncompromising, deeply evocative and resonant.” Suzy Goes See

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (2017)

“★★★★Brilliantly executed” Ben Neutze- Daily Review

“★★★★ Strong and detailed….powerful and stirring…. emotionally gripping...” Jason Blake- Time Out

“A sublime example of evocative collaboration” Lisa Thatcher

“The production’s extraordinary intensity is determined to have us embroiled. It is powerful work.” Suzy Goes See

“An unexpected pleasure. One of the highest order…Do not miss this production if you cherish theatrical excellence.” Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary


Belleville (2016)

"Mad March Hare have done a wonderful job bringing Belleville to the Sydney stage at the Old Fitz Theatre. This is a deep, complex play directed by someone in full control of the material and her cast. Chilling and the dangerous…Don’t miss this one." Lisa Thatcher

"Full of intrigue and danger ..confidently designed by a team who taps into the undercurrents and subtexts of the writing, to address the less deliberate parts of our consciousness." Suzy Goes See


Shivered (2015)

‘Director Claudia Barrie’s production of this temporally shifting, multi-stranded drama is secure, clearly thought out and strikingly staged’ Jason Blake- Sydney Morning Herald

‘Exquisite direction...this is a production that should be elevated to the forefront of Sydney’s theatre scene.’ Absolute Theatre

‘The Independent sector of the Sydney Theatre scene has a finger on the living pulse of the world and its dramatic literature. Go’ Kevin Jackson

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